Sunday, June 9, 2013

Maker's Mark (Touch Mark) and I Don't Mean Bourbon

So I got a propane forge for Christmas 2012 ( A Majestic Forge 2 burner Knife Maker Deluxe). I bought it instead of building my own because sometimes, time is better spent using an item instead of making the item to use it. Anyways I've made a pair of tongs for it and that's pretty much it, but I've been considering getting into it more seriously. The weather has been really nice lately and I've been itching to get out and forge some different projects (I know I need to get out there and work on the other 100 projects I've got going but I digress). Some of the things I'm thinking of are the sharp and pointy types (Knifes, Daggers, maybe a Seax) and some more mundane projects (Candle holders, Tent stakes, Forks & Spoons?) but anything I make I want to label as being made by me so I've been thinking about drawing/making a makers mark for my work. I've been kicking around a few different Ideas (Chemical Etching, Laser Etching, Engraving, Inlaying, Etc.) but what I've settled on is stamping. So there are two basic types of stamping, hot stamping and cold stamping. With cold stamping there's less chance of a stress crack developing in quench but it will not work well on a hardened piece of carbon steel. With hot stamping there is a risk of a stress crack happening in quench along with more wear and tear on the stamp. So I don't know which  way I'll be going with that yet but I do know I plan on getting started with making my stamp a.s.a.p. (next project?). Once I finish drawing up the design and naming my forge I'll be sure to update anyone who reads this.

Dracula's Forge is the name I decided on and the mark I'm going to attempt is this

Edit: You can find the blog (only a blog for right now) at

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