Sunday, June 23, 2013

List of Knife Making / Bladesmithing sources (Part 3 Youtube)

Youtube Videos

There are quite a few Youtube videos showing the techniques you will need in order to make a knife this is where I will post the ones I use for reference and inspiration.

Stock Removal Videos

Nice video showing what you can do with some files and time. He also has a pretty cool filing jig for making bevels. Here's a link to yet another knife making forum with some more info about the knife in the video.

Another video showing what you can do with minimal tools. I do have to cation everyone that it is extremely dangerous to remove the guard from an angle grinder like he did in the beginning of the video. Other then that the video is really good.

Making a scandinavian knife

How to make a survival knife by hand

Forging Videos

Forging a knife

Knifemaking - a knife from old bearing

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