Monday, June 17, 2013

List of Knife Making / Bladesmithing sources (Part 1 Forums)


Here's a list of forums I lurk at and / or contribute to in no particular order.     < Not a lot of info there yet but I am trying to fill it with good information  and build a good community of like minded individuals.

There's probably a lot of other ones that I'm missing so let me know in the comments if you frequent one I should check out.

Forums are a great source of up to date information and theory about everything you would like to know about knife making. Almost anything you would want to know is on the forums or can be answered by one of the many contributors. If you decide to go hang out at any of the forums make sure to read the stickies before asking any questions a lot of times your question may have already been answered.

There are two main types of knife makers stock removal and forged. There are no major differences in quality between a forged blade and one made through stock removal as long as both are made from good quality steel with a proper heat treatment (there have been many heated debates about this over the years). My interest is more in forged knives but there are many exceptional knife makers using the stock removal method.

Very Basic Definitions

Stock removal is taking a piece of "stock" (steel bar) and removing everything that is not the knife you want, through grinding, filing, sanding, etc.

Forging is taking the stock heating it to a red heat and shaping it with a hammer into the shape that you want. Once forged to shape you will still go through a stock removal stage fine tuning the shape and putting the edge on the blade.

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