Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting Closer

So I put in an order with Aldo Bruno the New Jersey Steel Baron ( for a few bars of 1084 high carbon steel. Aldo is one of the few people supplying steel to hobby knifemakers. In fact NJ Steel Baron is the only place selling 1084 in quantities I can even afford. I decided I would get enough steel (4 bars of 1" x .250" x 48") so I could play around making a few different blades out of it and see how I do. I always wanted to make knives, swords & axes and I've been gearing up for it slowly. I have 2 "anvils" one real anvil (100lb Vulcan, London pattern) and one is a 50lb round of unknown steel. The Vulcan is a little rough but the face is still usable but the edges are mostly all rounded over. Other then that it's still a decent anvil and I got it for $75 off of craigslist so no complaints from me. As I  mentioned before I got/bought a majestic forge for Christmas and although it's not the best design for knife making it should work just fine until I decide I need bigger one or know better of what I want. I have quite a few hammers from harbor freight that I have modified. One of them is a 2lb engineers hammer I modified to have a straight peen and slightly rounded face. I used that one the most while working on my tongs and it seems to swing fine with no major issues. I also bought a set of ball-pein hammers from HF before they stopped carrying the wood handled ball-pein sets. So I got lucky with that. The last thing I really need is a metal quench tank with lid (garbage can anyone??) and quenchant (water, oil, cooking oil, or maybe some parks 50). Oh yeah and I need to refill my propane tanks still......  I should just get a 100lb tank so I stop running out. Maybe not as close as I was thinking but I'm starting to get impatient.

As an aside

I've also been thinking about modifying a HF drilling hammer
Into a hammer similar to a Hofi blacksmiths hammer

From what I have been reading about hammers the Hofi hammers are very well respected in their design and function. But right now I do not have the money to be spending on trying to get one. So that's why I'm thinking about trying to mimic the design with a drilling hammer. Maybe this will curb some of my impatients. 

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